Sunday, July 30, 2017

Shoe-boxes for Kids!

When I was in America, the person I was staying with, showed me how her friends were filling "shoe-boxes" to send to children in poor countries at Christmas time. I was happy to find out, that we are doing the same thing in Australia AND also, here in Dungog, there is a contact for the items I have made & bought, I have filled (overfilled actually) 5 "shoe-boxes" I just have to make it all fit into the boxes!

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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

A new plan!

Today I got a "loan" of a treadmill so I can see if walking on it is easier for me and my knees.

I "plan" to get up each morning, throw on some clothes and "walk" for 30mins in front of the TV.  Then I will shower and eat my breakfast. 
I NEVER watch morning TV, so this will be interesting.

I am hoping that this new routine will be easier to stick to, then going walking "the streets" in the afternoons.
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Saturday, July 8, 2017

The joys of living in a country town!

I have to walk 30mins a day, 5 days a's orders...I am into the 7th day now and EVERY day someone stops and offers me a lift.... my body says "YES PLEASE!" but what comes out of my mouth is "No, thanks, Doctor's orders".....
Now you don't get that in the city!

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Monday, June 5, 2017

Today's Finishes

Today was spent finishing off some of my items.
that I had to source patterns from the internet & books to design it myself.
 This is how "I" interpret this quilt:
January (Ship) First Fleet Discovered Australia- Australia Day
February (Heart) -Valentines Day
March (Leaf) - Beginning of Autumn
April (Bunny & Eggs) - Easter
May (Basket of Flowers) - Mothers Day
June (House) - Start of Winter (Stay indoors!)
July (Snowman) - Winter really here
August (Cockatoo) - They eat all the left over fruit on trees
September (Flower) - Start of Spring
October (Pumpkin) - Halloween
November (Horse) - Melbourne Cup
December (Santa) - Christmas

Next is one lot of table runners: 
(I still have 2 more lots to finish in different fabrics)
 and lastly is this lined zippered bag I made for a friend's grand daughter.
No, I didn't do the cross stitch...
I bought the cross stitch at a flea market for $5 and made it into this bag.  
It measures 13" x 20.5".
Time to leave the sewing room & hit the kitchen to prepare dinner.

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Monday, May 29, 2017

2 more quilts finished

In between customer's quilts, I managed to quilt 2 of my own quilts. 
The baby Disney cot quilt had a flaw in the outside border on the panel, so I cut it off and added matching fabric, then quilted it. 
The Christmas quilt was embroidered over some time, then pieced and quilted. 
Yes, they both go into my "For Sale" stash. onto another customer's quilt!

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Tuesday, May 2, 2017

I've been away

Before Easter, my two grand kids flew down from Queensland to spend a week with me. 
A couple of things we did while they were here was go to see Beauty and the Beast followed by Ten Pin Bowling. 

 Then after a week, Mum went for a 2 week stay in respite (her wishes) & I drove my grand kids back to their home and spent a week with the family.
We all went to visit the Cobb & Co Museum to see the exhibition on Play School. Man! did that bring back memories!
 Remember the clock that showed us what the story was going to be about?
Well here it is...
 and apparently, this is what it looks like today:
Then, there were the windows we looked through way back when we were kids:
and here are what they look through today:
Now...who can forget Big Ted, Little Ted, Humpty & Jemima?
I had a wonderful time reminiscing!
After a week I traveled half way home and stayed with my friend out in the bush.  
She doesn't believe in TV, radio, newspapers or eating meat and is surrounded by animals and bush.
It is certainly a withdrawal from the rat race there and "my" batteries were recharged after a week.

When I returned home, I got in and quilted some of the quilts that arrived while I was away.  I managed to quilt 4 for one lady over the couple of days I had before picking Mum up from Respite.
 It is always fun matching the pattern with the quilting.
 plus making some backs as interesting as the panel on the front.
Always great to go away and just as great to come home normality!

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Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Customer's Quilt

Just love seeing customer's quilts come in and go out.
They are all so different and on lots occasions...inspiring.
I also love trying to match fabric with a stitching pattern that I have.
Here is a block in the quilt, that was duplicated in various colours:
and here is the stitch I used .... this is the back of the quilt, as the stitching shows up better.

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